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Few and Far Between

By Wanda

We live in beautiful open country where neighbors, and health services, are few and far between. George and I love our life style and things were going really well until I developed lymphedema. Then, the need for ongoing treatment, created a real problem!

We traveled to a major treatment center and stayed in a nearby hotel while I underwent a two week intensive. When we realized what was involved with self-bandaging of my legs, George was determined that he would learn how to help me with this.

That proved to be a major problem! After all bandaging from toe-to-hip is not a skill that is easily mastered, and once we went home I could not just drop in for a refresher course.

George and I talked about how to handle this and, since we always take our camcorder on trips, we realized that we could make a tape! I told Cathy, my fabulous therapist, what we wanted to do and she was very enthusiastic. At the next session, with George acting as camera man, Cathy spent extra time explaining each step as we went through it and she even added little tips as we went.

It worked! The intensive helped and now between the two of us we are able to get me properly bandaged so that I can maintain the progress I made at the clinic.

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