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Library Journal Review

The Library Journal Review published the following prepublication review of “Overcoming the Emotional Challenges of Lymphedema” in the Oct. 15, 2005 issue. The review was written by Beth Hill of the University of Idaho Library in Moscow, ID.

“From the restful pastel drawing on its cover to the comprehensive closing index, this book offers a refreshing and inspiring journey through understanding and coping with lymphedema, an accumulation of lymphatic fluids that causes swelling. While other authors cover the physical aspects of the condition, clinical psychologist McMahon (coauthor, "Living Well With Lymphedema"*) takes the study to a more introspective, reflective, and ultimately supportive level.

“Using a workbook style, she begins with a section on the emotional challenges of lymphedema, then turns to a section on planning and setting goals for change, and continues with skill-building information and exercises to help think about, act on, and communicate that change. Each chapter features pauses for reflection and further study on the concepts and suggestions presented. Final chapters provide specific information and advice for friends, family, parents of children with lymphedema, and professionals in the medical and mental health fields. This book is not designed to be read through once; instead, readers will consult it frequently like a reference tool."


* Living Well With Lymphedema by Ann Ehrlich, Alma Vinjé-Harrewijn, PT, CLT-LANA, and Elizabeth McMahon, PhD, was published by Lymph Notes in 2005.



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Publication: Overcoming the Emotional Challenges of Lymphedema
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