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Nutrition and Lymphedema

Nutrition affects lymphedema in multiple ways and better nutrition can help improve your lymphedema symptoms, including swelling and pain. For details on how food choices affect lymphedema and ‘eating to starve lymphedema’ see our Lymphedema and Lipedema Nutrition Guide. Articles in this category include information from our book, updates for new research, and more detailed information on related topics. If you have questions about nutrition for lymphedema or lipedema, please Contact Us.

Nutrition for Lymphedema and Lipedema
Nutrition is an essential part of lymphedema and lipedema treatment and care. This guide for patients and healthcare professionals explains why nutrition is important for lipedema and lymphedema, what to eat and what to avoid, and how to change your eating pattern based on the latest research and clinical experience. <more...>
Maltodextrin is a very common food additive that makes you fat and sick by promoting the overgrowth of certain gut microbes and enabling them to spread to other parts of the body. Anyone with or at risk for lymphedema or lipedema should avoid maltodextrin. <more...>
Salt and Lymphedema
The terms salt and sodium are used interchangeably when discussing the amount of salt in our diet. Although there are no official guidelines stating that a low-salt diet is beneficial in controlling the swelling of lymphedema, questions often arise as to whether or not being cautions, and limiting daily salt intake, might help. <more...>
Sugar Fuels Lymphedema
Sugar, salt, and fat make foods tasty. Many people know salt and fat can make lymphedema worse. Few understand that sugar is both damaging and addictive. Eating less sugar is an achievable first step in improving lymphedema symptoms and reducing lymphedema risk. Reducing sugar consumption also helps improve other health conditions. <more...>
Why ‘reduced sugar’ cranberries are out
Ocean Spray dried cranberries come in original and ‘Reduced Sugar’ with 50% less sugar and more fiber. Which is better for your health and why? <more...>


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