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Axillary Web Syndrome


Axillary Web syndrome (aws), which is also known as CORDING, occurs in some patients following breast cancer surgery.

  • Cording develops in the axilla (arm pit). Here the skin covers cords of tissue and this can be felt when palpating (touching) the tissues within the arm pit.
  • This condition involves shoulder flexion (bending of the arm upward), and abduction (moving the arm away from the body) during the activities of daily living.
  • These tissues become painful when the arm is raised in an upward movement.
  • This condition is more common in slender women and it

Most often, these symptoms of AWS are documented during the first and eighth weeks after the start of treatment.


Jodi Winicour,  PT. CMT, CLT-LANA
Karen J.  Block, MPT, CWS, CLT-LANA

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