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Back to School

By BikerBabe

I was born with primary lymphedema (PLE). Most of the time while I was growing up it seemed pretty normal for me to have to go for treatments, wear compression garments, and all of that “stuff.” But now all of that has changed!

This year I started high school and hated the idea of being different. Compression hose do not make a fashion statement! Some of the other kids think I’m weird because I’ve got this “fat leg” and I get comments like, “What happened? Did your lunch try to slide down to your feet?” The others think this is funny and I try to laugh too—but it hurts.

And then there is Mom. She still insists that I keep up the lymphedema routine. I’m so tired of it and I want to quit. I just want to be “normal.” On top of that she keeps after me to control my weight. The picture here is me on a bike and that was Mom’s idea. (Actually it is fun, but I’m not about to tell anyone that.)

Like all of the other new students I had a “getting to know you” interview with a school counselor. She has a reputation for being a really cool lady who listens. So I told her about the lymphedema and how I was feeling. To my amazement she came around the desk, slide up the pants leg of her slacks and said, “You mean compression garments like this?” Wow, she has lymphedema too! Seems she developed LE after cancer surgery—and we still share the same problems.

She gave me some good tips on how to cope with “being different,” reassured me that as others got to know me they would come to know me as a person, and invited me to come back to talk anytime I wanted. This has been a big help. Oh yes, she also gave me some clues about how to get along better with “Mom.”

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