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My World Improved in Leaps and Bounds

By Chatter

Having been diagnosed with primary lymphedema in 1989, I had already spent two years where doctors were confused, concerned and really did not know which way to turn. In hospital, at one midnight, I had been told that I would not be alive the following morning. . .to make  peace with God and family. Very scary and sobering . . .to say the least . . . and I was not drinking.

Three specialists were present, one in internal medicine, one in infectious diseases and the third a skin doctor.  They tried inflatable legs and feet, as it was manifested in both legs. Very temporary relief.

When one of them learned of a physiotherapist who had recently returned to Canada from the United States, where she had studied the treatment of lymphedema through gentle pressure and two way stretch bandages, my world improved in leaps and bounds.  My weight went down over fifty pounds in my legs alone. 

Now, 16 years later, I still take low dosage penicillin twice daily and wear compression stockings reverting to bandages every two or three weeks for one day.  Life has returned to a very active one and is beautiful. I have now been married to the same beautiful lady for 45 years and we have 11 grandchildren.

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