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Ian's Adventures

By ProudParents

[ Ian's Adventures ]

Soon after Ian was born 10 years ago it became obvious that he had inherited primary lymphedema in both legs. We werenít too surprised since there is a history of this in the family -- but we were worried. Could he grow up like a normal kid? Should we shelter him to keep him safe from cuts and bruises that might cause infections?

Ian started lymphedema treatment early on and we keep in touch with his therapist. We follow the therapistís recommendations -- such as having Ian wear sturdy shoes that protect and support his feet properly.

Beyond that, Ian has shown us the way. He is mostly cooperative about therapy, but he isnít about to let this ďthingĒ slow him up! He is always on the go and loves to skateboard. As you can see in the photo, he is good on it too. When he isnít skateboarding he is climbing trees, exploring, or getting into some other activity of the kind that makes all parents worry.

Yes, we do worry but we donít try to stop him. In truth, I donít think we could and the exercise helps to control the swelling in his legs. Ian is a great kid and we are very proud parents!

Note: To learn more about proper footwear, go to Maintaining Healthy Feet.


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