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Harley Happiness

By Har-Lee

[ Harley Happiness ]

I grew up in a big family that gathered often. For as long as I can remember, my very favorite relative was “Uncle Dude.” That was the family nickname for him because he always rode a Harley to these gatherings. I loved that “Hog” as much as he did and as soon as I was big enough to hold on tight, he would take me for rides.

My mother did NOT like me riding on that motorcycle (it was not ladylike) and she kept saying over and over, “It is not safe. Something might happen to you.”

After I was old enough to have my own bike, it turned out that Mother was right -- but the "something that happened to me" but it was not what mother had worried about. When I matured I developed lymphedema of the lower extremities. (You probably known it was primary lymphedema).

After I started treatment and felt I was ready to go back to riding my bike, my lymphedema therapist wasn’t any more enthusiastic about this activity than my mother had been. But by this time I had learned more about compromise and I realized that one of the things I like best about my Harley group were my friendships with the other bikers. Our club gathers every Sunday morning for breakfast before heading out for the day’s ride we laugh and swap out rageous stories over breakfast. But now things have changed for me.  

Now, when breakfast is over, this is the time to begin my lymphedema related compromises. The first compromise is wearing compression stockings. As recommended, I wear compression stockings (they don’t show under long pants).They are  important in controlling the swelling and they protect my legs in case I fall.

I rest when I need to, and walk around to keep exercise my leg muscles, and sometimes I only go on part of the ride. My biker friends understand -- and it is a lot better than missing all of the fun.

Can you tell which one I am in the photos? I’ll give you a clue, I am NOT wearing a baseball hat and my husband is standing next to me!

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