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Friday Night Football

By Greg

Friday Night Football is really BIG in our town. Everyone turns out for the games. When I was a little kid my biggest goal was to be one of those heroes. To be one of those guys who goes running out onto the football field as the whole town cheers. OK, so I was a little small for football, and not too well coordinated, but that was my dream.

When my classmates were learning to be better football players, I was still busy learning how to bandage my swollen leg. That leg started swelling when I was about twelve and it kept getting worse. The doctor told me I had "primary lymphedema." During preseason training I ran with the "big guys" and discovered that the exercise helped to reduce the swelling.

When it was time to tryout for the football team I was still not big enough, except of course for my swollen leg, and didn’t play well enough to make the team. Also I hated having to shower with the guys and having them call me “fat leg.” (Mom said the others names they called me could not be printed here.) This seemed to be the end of my football dream!

I was surprised when the coach, who’d been my hero for a long time, understood how I felt and he had a plan for me. During that first season I was in charge of equipment. It didn’t involve running out into the lights all suited up in a uniform with “my number” on it, but I got to go on the road trips and share the team fun. (I also did not have to shower with the team.) This year I’m the team manager, I have my team jacket, and am still having fun!

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