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Voices of Lymphedema

by Ann B. Ehrlich and Elizabeth McMahon, PhD, editors

Voices of Lymphedema: stories, advice, and inspiration from patients and therapists

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Here, at last, is a book that presents the reality of lymphedema through the words of those who know it best — the patients who have it and the professionals who treat these patients. If you have lymphedema, you will find comfort, support, advice, and inspiration. If you know someone with lymphedema, or if you treat lymphedema, these moving, real-life stories give you a deep, personal understanding of the experience.

Buy now in paper from Amazon.com, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, or Barnes and Noble (ISBN 978-0-9764806-5-5) or e-book from Amazon.com, Amazon Australia, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, or Apple iBooks (ISBN 978-0-9764806-6-2). For other options, see Ordering Information.

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