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Living Well With Lymphedema

by Ann Ehrlich, Alma Vinjé-Harrewijn, PT, CLT-LANA & Elizabeth McMahon, PhD

[ front cover of Living Well With Lymphedema ]

At last! The book you’ve been waiting for, from the website you trust!

Living Well with Lymphedema is the comprehensive resource for those with, or at risk of developing, lymphedema.  This easy-to-read, generously illustrated, 280 page book contains the information necessary to understand what is lymphedema, what causes it, how it is treated, self-management steps to control your condition, practical suggestions on how to master the emotional challenges that accompany living with a chronic condition, plus an illustrated guide to understanding the lymphatic system. 


LymphNotes.com, the highly respected lymphedema oriented website, provides insights into the needs and interests of hundreds of individuals with, at risk of, or caring for someone with lymphedema.

Buy now in paperback from Amazon.com, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, or Barnes and Noble (ISBN 978-0-9764806-1-7) or see Ordering Information for other options.

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Advanced praise for Living Well
NLN Review
by Nicole L. Gergich MPT, CLT-LANA, from Lymph Link, Oct-Dec 2005.
Oedeminus Review
review by Judith Zuurmond, a member of the editorial board of Oedeminus, which is the Dutch journal for therapists specializing in lymphedema.
At Risk for Lymphedema?
Do You Have Lymphedema?
Friend or Family Member with Lymphedema?
Are You a Lymphedema Therapist?
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