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1 Leonardville Road Building C
New Monmouth, NJ 07748 US
Tel: 1-732-403-7934
WWW: www.xpandasox.com
Offers: Garments and compression aids

Bringing fashion and function together, Xpandasox® are a patent-pending, innovative new sock concept. They feature a stretchy sewn-in Xpandapanel™ that not only solves the common problem of finding socks with adequate stretch, but is also ideal for accommodating people with lymphedema, lipedema and other conditions that cause leg swelling.

Because they stretch 24+ inches, Xpandasox® can be worn over wrapping and bandaging treatments to keep everything in place, while offering fun and stylish coverage. They are also perfect for wearing over compression stocking to add a bit of flair and personality.

In addition, Xpandasox® is a perfect solution for frequent travelers with swollen legs, pregnant women, women and men with large calves, athletes and more. They stretch to accommodate casts and leg braces, and are ideal for use with sock aids.


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