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Therapeutic Massage & Lymphedema Care


Therapeutic Massage & Lymphedema Care
Luna Lane
Durham, NC 27705 US
Tel: 1-919-489-2497
WWW: laingmassage.com/
Offers: Treatments

At Therapeutic Massage & Lymphedema Care, professional treatment is provided by Doris A Laing LMBT, CLT-LANA who is a trained as a massage therapist and  Vodder Certified Lymphedema therapist.  

This excellent training, enhanced with continuing education and many years of experience, enable her to provide high quality lymphedema treatment and massage therapy. 

In this comfortable, home-like setting, treatment is designed to meet the needs of each individual patient; however, insurance claims are not filed.

NC Licensed Massage Therapist #4353


Doris Laing LMT, CLT-LANA
Massage Therapist, with postgraduate lymphedema training


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