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Old Oct 6, 2007, 05:50 PM
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Book - Voices of Lymphedema

True story!!

I just received the book "Voices of Lymphedema". I received this book on Wednesday and Thursday night I began having the worst chills ever, could not get warm. All through the night I began feeling like I had the flu....that next morning when I looked at my leg, I noticed it was red and very warm from my knee down and into my foot...I remembered reading about infections when I looked through the book. I have been suffering with LE for 35 years now and have never experienced this. After looking at the book again, I called my local Dr and got in right away. I am on antibiodicts now and feeling so much better. Of course, I would have known something wasn't right since my leg was so red but that book let me know the symptons of an infection. Thank you for writing it Calina Burns, Ann B. Ehrlich, and Elizabeth J. McMahon! I have enjoyed reading it and catch myself picking it up over again.

God Bless,
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