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Additional Lymphedema Names and Spellings


In Great Britain, Canada, and Australia lymphedema is spelled lymphoedema.

Additional naming systems for lymphedema are listed below. 
When using these systems the lymphedema is named for the affected body area.

  • HEAD AND NECK LYMPHEDEMA is a build-up of lymph above the shoulders and collar bone. To learn more about this system, read Treating Head and Neck Lymphedema.
  • TRUNCAL LYMPHEDEMA affects the trunk of the body.
  • LYMPHATIC MALFORMATIONS are rare, and very serious conditions,
    that require specialized treatment. For details about these conditions, read
    Lymphatic Malformations.
  • MALIGNANT LYMPHEDEMA, Lymphangiosarcoma, or Stewart-Treves Syndrome, is a rare malignant tumor which can occur in long-standing cases of primary or secondary lymphedema. However, it is the tumor, NOT the lymphedema, that is malignant.
  • FILARIARIASIS is a different form of lymphedema caused by a parasitic worm and most often contracted in tropical countries.  To learn more about this condition, refer to the article Filariasis.

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