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Donating used Lymphedema Pumps and Garments


Flexitouch Pump. Photo courtesy of Tactile Systems

A pump is a major investment, and  it is adjustable in fit.  It also represent your best chance to donate a used pump.

Assuming that the pump is in good condition you can make inquiry at local lymphedema practices, or to the lymphedema training programs for use in training purposes.

Another potential source is for trading a used pump is to use it as a trade-in: however, If the pump was purchased with assistance from Medicare, take the precaution of clarifying any tax responseability you may have on the sale.


Jovi Arm Sleeve. Courtesy of JoVi Pak.

Used fabric garments, are rarely accepted for donation because of sanitation concerns and the need for a precise fit. If you want to try, you should contact a local support group.







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