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  • Lipedema is characterized by abnormal fatty deposits located just below the skin of the hips and legs down to the ankles.
    This swelling stops with a ring-like structure at the ankle.
  • Between 6 to 12 million women in American have lipedema. It is also possible that many more women have this condition but have not yet been diagnosed.


  • Nodules occur in the early stages of lipedema. These structures are small fatty lumps that develop within the affected tissues.
  • Lobulules develop in the later stages of lipedema. These structures, which develop with these tissues, are rounded fat deposits.
  • Lipedema is not caused by a weight gain due to overeating.
    In contrast, dieting does not help lipedema weight to be lost.
  • Lipedema is not prone to the types of infections that are typical of lymphedema. 
  • The swollen area below the ankles on the feet, does have the characteristics of lymphedema.


When both the feet and ankles are swollen, this condition is known as lipo-lipedema .

The tissues affected by lipo-lipedema are also prone to being painful, bruising easily, and  subcutaneous bleeding.

Early Stage Lipedema.
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