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Susan G. Komen




Susan G. Komen  is an organization that raises funds for projects relating to breast cancer research.This foundation is divided into two main categories which are the National organization and the local affiliate organizations:


  • The National Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation is  devoted exclusively to breast cancer research.
  • As stated in the organization's mission statement, "...The mission of this organization is to save lives and to end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all, and energizing science to find the cures.”
  • The National organization funds are used exclusively for research projects.


  • There are approximately 125 local Komen affiliates throughout the U.S.
  • Each of these local organizations holds fund raising activities such as the "Race for the Cure."
  • 25 percent of the money each affiliates raises goes to the national organization to aid with their work.
  • 75 percent of the money each affiliates raises, stays within the community for use as the group wishes to fund local programs.
  • None of the money that stays within the community is used
    for research.
  • The money that stays in the community may be used as the group wishes to fund its local programs.
  • A frequently asked question about the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation is, “Does this foundation make grants to support patient needs?" The answers to this question are “NO” and “YES.”


NO: The National Organization supports only research devoted to finding a cure for breast cancer. The National Organization is not involved in lymphedema research or treatment; however, they are aware of needs and the foundation is organized to provide help locally where needed.

YES: The local Komen affiliates, have as their goals, "To make grants that work effectively to meet local needs without duplicating the efforts of already existing activities.

An affiliate chapter can fund lymphedema related programs if this is one of their priorities; however, the lymphedema must be related to breast cancer.


  • Go to the National Komen website at www.Komen.org which is. Look in the upper right area for the heading "AFFILIATES."
  • When the "affiliates page" comes up, again click on the heading AFFILIATES. This will help you go to a way to locate your local affiliate group nearest you. This group information includes an e-mail address.
  • Contact you local group and ask for information about lymphedema related grants that are already in place.
    If there are none, you might ask how you can go about submitting a request for a grant to aid lymphedema patients due to breast cancer.
  • This could be money to provide treatment or to pay for bandages for those who cannot afford them.
  • If your community does not have a local group, you might help to organize one. By doing this you help others, and yourself, as you help each other.

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