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Compression (4) Specialized Aids


Compression Aids constructed of foam and fabric are available in a variety of styles. These can be worn at night or during the day. This type of compression aids are available in a variety of styles.

  • Garments made with flat foam are stitched into a channeling pattern to guide the flow of lymph into alternate pathways around obstructed areas.
  • Other styles have features designed to soften fibrotic tissues.
  • An outer sleeve can be worn over these garments to increase the pressure.

A specialized variety of this kind of garment can be used as a base for bandaging. These garments greatly speed the process of wrapping a properly fitting bandage since they replace the many layers that must be placed under a short-stretch bandages 

  • Garments made with egg-crate foam have bumps similar to a soft egg carton. This type of garment is worn to soften fibrotic (hardened) tissues.
  • Compression aids should not be worn over knit compression garments unless this has been approved by a therapist.


The ReidSleeve is a custom-fitted compression aid named for the inventor Dr. Tony Reid. These garments are made for arms or legs and they are fitted with adjustable straps and Velcro closures that make it possible to apply precise pressure where needed along the limb.


ReidSleeve for the arm.
Peninsula Medical, Inc.)

ReidSleeve for the leg.
Peninsula Medical, Inc.)


JoVi Pak manufactures compression aids that are ready-made, or custom designed, for use on the extremities.

  • Shown on the left is a JoVi Sleeve made of fabric stitched over flat foam to create channels to direct the flow of the lymph.
  • Shown on the right is the same sleeve covered with a JoVi Jacket that is added to increase the compression pressure of the sleeve.
  • Their Inna boot, which is not shown here, has specialized feature for use on the leg.  

Jovi Arm Sleeve. Courtesy of JoVi Pak.

JoVi Jacket (oversleeve).

Courtesy of JoVi Pak.


JoVi Chest Pad
(Courtesy of
JoVi Pak.)

Contour pads are compression aids used in treating truncal lymphedema. These pads, which are worn to control swelling and to soften fibrotic tissue, are usually held firmly in place by a bra that opens in the front. The pad wraps from the anterior (front) midline to the midline in the posterior (back) midline of the affected side.


Other maufactures sell garments with similar construction. Also available are specialized styles and pads, known as Swell Spots, that aid in treating lymphedema and in healing sports injuries.


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