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Finding Quality Lymphedema Care


The treatment of lymphedema requires the services of a well trained lymphedema therapist. This training should include:

  • Fundamental training as a physical therapist (PT, PTA), an occupational therapist (OT, OTA), or as a massage therapist (MT, MTA).
  • All of these therapists have a comprehensive understanding of the structures
    and functions of the lymphatic system. 
  • They also have knowledge, and experience, in the hands-on skills required to perform lymphedema treatments correctly.


The Standards for the Required Training of a Lymphedema Therapist are published on the National Lymphedema Network website.


An exciting new "app" titled "look4LE" is available, without charge ,from the American Lymphedema Frame Work Project. This "app" helps in finding lymphedema treatment that is convenient for you.
To find and download this app, go to


The following tips can also help you find a treatment center.

  • The physician who diagnosed your lymphedema should be able to recommend to you a qualified lymphedema therapist.
  • Your primary care physician (pcp) must write a referral to the therapist requesting an evaluation before that therapist can treat you.
  • Although you are under the care of a lymphedema therapist for your lymphedema, your primary care physician remains in charge of your general healthcare.
  • Hospitals often provide lymphedema treatment as an outpatient program through the rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or breast cancer treatment programs.
  • A cancer center or an oncology practice should have information as to where lymphedema treatment can be found. Many of these centers also provide treatment.
  • A pediatrician treating a patient born with primary lymphedema should promptly refer this patient to a qualified therapist for evaluation and treatment.
  • Insurance companies know where lymphedema is treated. Ask your insurance company for suggestions as to where you can find “in network” treatment. If the insurance company is not helpful (some really don't know), continue the search on your own.
  • Cancer support groups are helpful because there are usually one or more members who have lymphedema and can help you find treatment.
  • Lymph Notes has an online listing treatment facilities that have requested to be listed.

A therapist wrapping the patient's
arm and hand to obtain better compression.


There is no central registry of certified lymphedema therapists (CLT) readily available; however, each Lymphedema Therapist Training Programs that meet the training standards, maintains a website that includes a list of their graduates. Some of these therapists are in private practice and this is a good way to locate them.

  • Academy of Lymphatic Studies www.acols.com
  • Klose Training and Consulting www.klosetraining.com
  • Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy www.nortonschool.com
  • The Dr. Vodder School International www.vodderschool.com
  • The LANA WEBSITE (http://www.clt-lana.org) includes a list, by state, of the LANA certified therapists (CLT-LANA).
    Note: Just because a therapist has not taken the "extra step" to become LANA certified, does not mean that they are not qualified.
  • National Lymphedema Network (NLN) members receive the quarterly “Lymph Linksnewsletter. Some lymphedema therapists purchase classified ads that list the therapist’s name, state, qualifications, and telephone number.
  • Lymph Notes website lists professionals who have have submited documentation of their professional qualifications.
    If the therapist’s employer is also listed, these two listings are linked.


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